Tickets for a CUBE session concert cost 19.00 EUR / 22,50 USD and can be purchased on our Vimeo on Demand page from the premiere date of each concert. Vimeo accepts credit card or PayPal as a method of payment. After purchasing access, you can see the concert for the next 7 days.

A professional club concert costs a lot of money and work. The costs for an online concert are even higher than for a normal concert. In addition to the costs of the club and the normal sound & lighting technology, the fees for the artists, wages for the crew, the GEMA fees & artist insurance, costs for the website, and advertising, there are additional costs for cameras, recording equipment & streaming. We can only continue this project if these numerous large costs are covered.
Up until now, this great project has only been feasible because all the bands, crew members, technology companies and the club involved were very committed to the idea and supported the vision.

Now it's up to you to make the CUBE session a huge success!
Have fun! Enjoy!

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