GIRLS UNDER GLASS - Onlineconcert @CUBEsession

Liveconcert on Demand


On October 30th, 2020 we will have GIRLS UNDER GLASS as a guest at the CUBEsession.

Girls Under Glass (GUG) is a musical group from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 1986 by Thomas Lücke, Hauke Harms, and Volker "Zaphor" Zacharias. Described as "an indispensable part of the German wave and gothic scene", GUG began as a gothic rock band, but quickly crossed genre boundaries, incorporating metal and electronic music of various kinds. They have generally been classified as a darkwave act, but have ranged across the goth–industrial "dark music" spectrum, including into industro-metal, and their work has integrated elements of pop, techno, and trip hop.

In 2016, 30 years after the band was founded, Girls Under Glass included all members of its original line-up for the first time in more than two decades.] This appears to have begun spontaneously at a live show on 7 May 2016 in the Markthalle in Hamburg, when original co-founder Tom Lücke, in the audience, was invited onto the stage – 26 years after the singer left the band – to sing a Humus through Flowers-era block of songs. This re-formed crew released a vinyl-only remaster of their original demo, for old-time fans, and performed additional, planned shows in 2016 and 2017,[9] including at WGT 2016 and at NCN Festival 2017, with the line-up consisting of Zaphor, Ermes, Harms, and Lücke, plus the band's longtime companion Lars Baumgardt on electric guitar.

At the end of 2017, co-founding member Hauke Harms left the band with two farewell concerts, in Bremen and Berlin. GUG played the Amphi Festival 2018, after releasing an online-only single "Endless Nights"

In 2019 Girls Under Glass with original singer Tom Lücke will play a program with songs from the early phase 1986-89 at some festivals and an exclusive solo show in Hamburg. At this time the band plans to release more new songs.


Tickets are still available under The tickets cost 19 EUR. You can then watch the concert as often as you want for 7 days. Vimeo accepts PayPal or credit cards.
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