ADAM IS A GIRL - Onlineconcert @CUBEsession

Liveconcert on Demand


On November 13th, 2020 we had ADAM IS A GIRL as a guest at the CUBEsession.

The German capital Berlin differs from other (German) cities, especially culturally, in some cases quite clearly. No wonder that in this crucible, new formations are constantly emerging that stand out from the crowd. One of these discoveries is Anja Adam and Alex Pierschel aka Adam Is A Girl. Positioned between catchy danceability and moving melancholy, they feel the heartbeat of their city, making it their own musically. Sometimes it beats quickly, sometimes very calmly. You yourself name Depeche Mode or Björk as influences, but you combine Synth-Pop and New Wave into an interesting mix. Adam Is A Girl create a dreamy atmosphere with touching vocals with their very own mix of Dark Pop and Indie Electronica.


Tickets are still available under The tickets cost 19 EUR. You can then watch the concert as often as you want for 7 days. Vimeo accepts PayPal or credit cards.
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